We stand for Maikel Nabil Sanad (English)

Publicado en Apuntes Urbanos

Maikel is an egyptian blogger who declares himself liberal and secular, and a friend of Israel. We had talked about his case here.

He has been put to jail by the Egyptian Army because as a pacifist he refused to join the army, being the first conscientious objector of Egypt. He's in a hunger strike now, very weak, and needs our support.

In this video from February he called for Israel's solidarity for the Egyptian Revolution. He and his friends want real democratization and peace between Middle East countries, because democracies don't fight each other. He mentions in the video "Mubarak isn't a friend of Israel, he would blame Israel for everything that would go wrong in the country. Mubarak blamed the Mossad when sharks attacked Sharm-el-Sheik" and then he left for the Tahrir Square, not knowing if he would come back.

Apuntes Urbanos, a blog from Argentina, demands his immediately release by the repressive hands of the Egyptian Military Government and requests the argentinean authorities to put pressure on the egyptian government for his release.

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