The Palestinians of the West Bank are finally beginning to build their state

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De un artículo del New York Times titulado Good News From the Middle East (Really), escrito por un árabe y un judío (americanos) que me pasó Bruno:
The West Bank, however, has lately been the scene of undeniably impressive developments. The new, highly professional Palestinian Authority security forces have restored order in formerly anarchic cities like Jenin and Nablus. The resulting calm has spurred a high level of investment and improved the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. It is almost impossible for those of us who saw firsthand the violence and chaos of the intifada that began in 2000 to quite believe the extent of positive change in the cities of the West Bank.

It is, in part, the high level of Palestinian security cooperation with Israel — involving intelligence sharing and on-the-ground measures — that has reduced violence so significantly. According to Israel’s internal security agency, the Shin Bet, 2010 was Israel’s most terror-free year in a decade. This has prompted Israel to remove many checkpoints from roads used by Palestinians, allowing for greater mobility, which also encourages economic growth. (...)

The Palestinian Authority in the last three years has completed more than 1,700 community development programs across the West Bank, and built 120 schools, three hospitals and 50 health clinics. Prime Minister Fayyad has created what is probably the most transparent public finance system in the Arab world. The court system is being reformed (though it is still susceptible to corruption) and it has seen a jump in the number of criminal prosecutions. Around 1,000 miles of roads have been paved and 850 miles of water pipes have been installed. The Palestinians of the West Bank are finally beginning to build their state.

Déjenme ser optimista (e iluso) por favor.

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David dijo...

...imposible que Israel haga la paz con la Autoridad Palestina. La AP no es una dictadura ni una monarquia...

H dijo...

Jajajaja buenísimo! Ahora la culpa de que Israel sea la única democracia de Medio Oriente, rodeada de dictaduras y monarquías... es de Israel!
Brillante, David, te voy a nominar para los Goebbels Awards... y no digas que no!

Te levantaste temprano, eh? Te levantaste a abrirle la tranquera a los peones para la zafra?