El "Aliado" Mubarak

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De Israel could become the scapegoat of Egypt's new democracy (Haaretz).

(...) “He [Mubarak] has also fostered a culture of virulent anti-Semitism in Egypt, a culture whose premises he himself evidently shares.”

(...) a passage from Mubarak’s speech to students at Cairo University in 1991, in which he gloated over Egypt’s victory at Camp David: “Against us stood the most intelligent people on earth − a people that controls the international press, the world economy and world finances. We succeeded in compelling the Jews to do what we wanted; we received all our land back, up to the last grain of sand! We have outwitted them, and what have we given them in return? A piece of paper ... We have established sophisticated machinery to control and limit to the minimum contacts with the Jews.”

Under that system, Israeli leaders would visit Egypt, but Mubarak, with the exception of Rabin’s funeral in 1995, never reciprocated. The resident Egyptian ambassador was embraced by Israel’s social set; Israel’s ambassador to Cairo was treated as a diplomatic leper. Egyptian intellectuals who explored ties with Israel were visited by Mubarak’s Mukhabarat [la policía secreta egipcia]− a serious disincentive to continued contacts.

Egypt used every international forum to condemn Israel, and allowed anti-Semitism to flourish in the local press and in government-controlled media, as per the recent charge that Israeli GPS-guided sharks were working to destabilize Egyptian tourism. When occasionally pressed on the matter of incitement, Mubarak would disingenuously argue that his country had a free press.

Ese es el país envenenado de antisemitismo que deja Mubarak. Me gustaría que hubiera intercambios entre la Universidad de Haifa y la de Alejandría, que los egipcios tuvieran permitido por su gobierno hacer turismo en Israel, en fin, que se implementaran todas las medidas de construcción de confianza que funcionaron en la Europa de posguerra para reconciliar países como Francia y Alemania y que estaban estipuladas en el Acuerdo de Paz de Camp David (Anexo II) hasta que el islamismo radical asesinó a Anwar Sadat.

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