"Me ordenaron cometer un genocidio" afirma desertor del ejercito sirio

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Como se rehusó, lo mandaron a matar. Escapó del país.

Syrian defector: I was ordered to commit genocide

Ahmed Khalef, former officer in Syrian elite army unit says refused orders from commanders to commit genocide and not to spare lives of women and children.

Syrian army troops were ordered to commit genocide in the flashpoint southern city of Daraa, an army defector claimed in remarks published Saturday.

"I and other (army) officers received orders from our commanders to carry out a genocidal operation in Daraa and were told not to spare the lives of women and children," Ahmed Khalef, a former officer in a Syrian elite army unit, told the pan-Arab newspaper Ashareq Al Awsat.

Khalef, who said he had served in the army for 10 years, added that he refused to obey the orders.

"This was an enough reason for issuing an order to physically liquidate me," said Khalef, who fled the country. (seguir leyendo en Haaretz)

¿Y dónde están FEARAB, la izquierda y los movimientos "de derechos humanos"? ¿No marchan a la embajada? Una ayudita:

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